We can host wedding dinners in our greenhouse café for groups of up to 120 people. This is the most popular wedding dinner setting.

Wooden tables and garden chairs are included in the rental, there are fairy lights in the ceiling, which are lit in the evening and on cold evenings, we light the fire.

Cultivation and Food Studio

This greenhouse is the last one in the row of greenhouses, furthest from the café. We often hold the bridal toast here in event of rain or during winter weddings of up to 80 guests, wedding ceremonies in event of rain or winter weddings of up to 60 guests and more intimate dinners of up to 40 people all year round.

Round tables and garden chairs are included in the rental and there are fairy lights in the ceiling.

We use this greenhouse for cultivating for our kitchen so there is a flower bed along one of the walls.

The freestanding greenhouse

We host wedding ceremonies here in the event of rain, or winter weddings with over 60 guests.

Larger dinners of up to 150 people can also take place here. This location includes long tables and benches, and on request other furniture can be rented.

There are fairy lights in the ceiling.

Secret Garden

Ceremonies with up to 150 guests can be held in our wedding ceremony area. This is a green, outdoor space next to the orchard.

Two trees are planted in the area and we place a gift table at the back of the space.

We can provide benches for up to 120 people and for larger groups there is additional rental for chairs or benches.

The Aviary

This is a little greenhouse beside the Secret Garden. All wedding couples have access to this greenhouse during the day.

It is also possible to host small dinners of up to 12 guests here. However there is no toilet beside this greenhouse so you have to use the toilets next to the large greenhouses. There is electricity but no heating, so it is only available during the summer season.

Greenhouse in the field

This greenhouse sits among our vegetable plots. Access can also be arranged during weddings for photographs or as a space for the bridal party before the ceremony.

There is room here for 16 guests. This is only available during the summer season as there is no heating or electricity.

For larger parties of over 150 guests during the daytime, we can rent a marquee or a canopy, which we can garnish with decorative fabrics and plants. Price on request.