Booking & terms

The date has been confirmed – what happens now?

Congratulations, you have now booked your wedding! Once you have paid your deposit and your date has been confirmed, we will book in a time for a meeting, about 120 days before your wedding. The real planning starts here with your coordinator and the florist. The first instalment, for rental of facilities, is paid at this meeting. This can be done by card or via an invoice.

Prior to and after this meeting you will be in email and telephone contact with the coordinator.

Thirty days before you wedding, we will book in a meeting for a wine tasting and so you can meet the maître d’. By now you should have chosen the menu you would like so that we can match wines. The maître d’ will attend this meeting, and from here on will be your contact person. They will also be working on the day of your wedding.

After this meeting your contact up until your wedding will be the maître d’.

Fourteen days before your wedding, you should provide us with the final numbers and any special dietary requirements.

Terms and conditions
for wedding bookings at Rosendals Garden


A deposit of SEK 15,000 is paid to Rosendals Garden at the till in the café or via invoice as agreed, to confirm the booking.

If the deposit is not paid then the booking is not binding.


  • The deposit is not paid back if a cancellation is made later than 6 months before the date of the event.
  • The final number of guests, special dietary requirements and any changes to your booking should be provided to Rosendals Garden at least 14 days before the event. Changes that occur within these 14 days could entail extra costs and will only be fulfilled as far as is possible.
  • In the event of a cancellation later than 120 days before the event, the rental of facilities will be invoiced.
  • In the event of a cancellation later than 30 days before the event, 100% of the value of the order will be invoiced.
  • Cancellation should be made in writing, via email.

Rosendals Garden will then confirm the cancellation in writing and state whether a charge will be made in this case. If Rosendals Garden has incurred any additional costs due to the cancellation or that in the event of fewer guests than originally booked, then the customer will cover the total costs.


  • The cost of the rental of facilities should be paid at the planning meeting 120 days before the wedding.
  • The fixed cost per head should be paid to Rosendals Garden 14 days before the wedding, when the final numbers are confirmed, either by card in the café or via invoice.
  • Drinks, orders from our florist and other costs are paid against the final invoice after the wedding has taken place or by card on site.
  • The customer should ensure that full payment is made within 10 days of the date of the invoice.
  • When payment is by invoice, we primarily send invoices by email and require an invoice address for the final invoice when making the booking.

External services

For mediation and booking of external goods, services and rentals, there is an additional fee of 15% of the value of the order.



Furniture, table settings, decorations

  • At Rosendals Garden we use our own garden tables and folding chairs, or benches, for all private events.
  • We can seat up to 120 guests in the evening and 50 guests during the day. Rental of any other furniture is charged to the customer.
  • We set the tables with our own Rosendal dinnerware, in shades of green and grey for up to 120 guests, naturally dyed linen, candles on the tables and in the dining area as well as flower arrangements on the tables (basic) and in the room. A fire pit and outdoor candles are included in the price.
  • Table decorations (name cards, menus etc.) and the placement of these are not included in the cover price and are arranged by the customer.


An unmanned and unnumbered cloakroom is included in the cover price. Rosendals Garden does not take responsibility for personal items or items of value.


Sample menu 

Our approach is based on our garden harvests and working exclusively with organic products by the season. This can mean our menu changes. Therefore, we do not offer a sample menu as standard. However, if you would like to get a sense of our food profile, then we are happy to treat you to a lunch in our greenhouse café.

Please get in touch with your coordinator if you would like this. If you still wish to sample a menu; please see the price list.


Extra cleaning and bulky waste 

  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that material brought, such as decoration, packaging, pallets etc., is removed immediately after the event.
  • If this is not done the customer will be charged SEK 800 excluding VAT for every hour, including incomplete hours, daytime, and SEK 1,600 excluding VAT, evening (after 10pm), for the extra service, as well as any deep cleaning required over and above standard cleaning.

Technical equipment

  • Technical equipment can be provided by Rosendals Garden’s partners or be brought by the customer.
  • All stands and fixtures for technical equipment and decorations should be approved by Rosendals Garden’s coordinator and should be removed after the event.
  • We cannot store technical equipment overnight at Rosendals Garden.


Event times

Weddings: Weddings can start at the earliest at 5.30pm here and end at 1am if no other agreement is reached. The earliest access to the dinner greenhouse is 7pm.


Access to premises

  • The wedding ceremony can start, at the earliest, at 5.30pm. And technical equipment can be set up from 4pm.
  • For evening events, the customer has access to the dining room from 6.30 pm for decoration, table setting and so on.
  • The guests can access the dining room from 7pm. Technical equipment can start being set up here at 5pm at the earliest
  • At the latest by an hour after the end, all technical equipment, decorations etc. that has been brought should be removed from the premises. 


  • There are two toilets, including a disabled toilet, between the Farmshop and the Wood Fired Oven Bakery.
  • There are six more toilets available behind the shop. These are opened for events of over 70 guests (evening events only).
  • Between 11am and 5pm, these toilets are shared with other visitors to Rosendals Garden.


  • You are not permitted to bring your own food or drink to Rosendals Garden.
  • Consumption of food or drink is permitted outside until 1am in designated areas under Rosendals Garden’s licence. Talk to your coordinator. For other rules about licencing, Rosendals Garden refers you to the Swedish Alcohol Act.

From 1 July 2019, smoking is not permitted at our outdoor café.


Finding your way here by car and parking

  • There are around two dozen parking places beside Rosendals Garden (enter Rosendalsvägen 38 into your GPS). During the day, these are also used by other visitors to the garden and Prins Bertils Boulehall (Prince Bertil’s Bowling). There is a fee for parking and it is managed by the Royal Djurgården Administration.
  • There is a larger carpark run by Stockholm City (81 places) on the other side of the garden. Follow Djurgårdsvägen all the way from Djurgårdsbron (Djurgården Bridge) to Bellmansro and then turn right onto Sirihovsvägen. Follow the signs “P Rosendal”.

During certain hours, there are restrictions on traffic entering the island of Djurgården.

Lost and found 



  • Greenhouse 1: wall socket 10A 
  • Greenhouse 6: wall socket 10A and 1 3-phase socket 
  • Greenhouses 4 & 5: wall socket 10A 
  • Secret Garden (ceremony): Closest socket (10A) approximately 75m away.

You must bring your own multi-socket plugs and extension cables.



There is no Wi-Fi at Rosendals Garden.


Rice, balloons and confetti

  • The use of confetti, balloons or rice is not permitted anywhere at Rosendals Garden.
  • If you wish to scatter something, for example at a wedding, then you can order petals from our florist.

Fire safety 

  • All forms of fire and smoke are forbidden in all areas.
  • Fireworks, sparklers, floating paper lanterns and all forms of pyrotechnics are forbidden both inside and outside, for the sake of the environment, neighbours and wildlife.

Photography and filming

Permission must always be granted for photography and filming for other than strictly private use. 



Strikes, lockouts, outbreak of fire, explosions, war or similar hostilities, significant restrictions on deliveries or other circumstances outside Rosendals Garden’s control grant Rosendals Garden the right to terminate the agreement without the obligation to pay compensation.


Under the stipulations of the new law, the Rosendals’ Garden Foundation retains the right to keep data relevant for the purpose when taking a booking, until your event has been held and paid for. See here for more information (in Swedish).

The office is open weekdays 9am-5pm

As we are often in customer meetings and working on planning your weddings, it can take up to 24 hours before we answer your email; but of course we will answer you as quickly as we can!